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Client Feedback

See what businesses which have worked with us have to say about their experience.


Rita Hilton, CEO Carita Jamaica Ltd.

"I'm less fearful of penetrating this medium, I thought it was beyond my capabilities, but it has made it more hands-on and more reachable..."


Dr. Sandra Hamilton, 
Owner Dr H: The Confidence Builder

"I've thought of so many people that I've worked with that will benefit from working with you. 
Easy, fun, practical, you'll leave with having everything in place."


Natasha Parchment-Clarke of Training Tree

"I just had the most wonderful call with Alene & Simon.
They hit on all the points I am having trouble with and gave great advice."


Dominique Dacis of Elevate Business Services

"Great experience, comfortable vibe and very informative."


Monique Willacy of Affirm Vision

"I gained a lot of clarity. It made it easier to understand what my next steps should be."


Andrea Jackson-Robinson of Valentine's Intimates

"It is worth the investment.
It is good learning and will help you to improve your business."


Danielle Thompson-Britton of Nature My Therapy

"For smaller businesses, this is priceless.
And larger organizations can definitely benefit."

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Shapea and Farrah of Kozy Korner Books N More

"...It gave us honest feedback and sound business advice on how to cut expenses, find new customers and how to rebrand with a small budget..."

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Brian Plummer of Delivery Dash

"I didn't even know that all these capabilities existed, and wouldn't  be able to get through them without the Business Bootcamp..."